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The Descendants of Edward Curtis’ Native American photographs have a powerful voice to be heard – a message of survival. Their stories tell of paths that celebrate their Native heritage and, sadly, of paths that shun their culture. The Descendants Project tells their stories in their voice, linking their past and their present.


Mr. Curtis photographed Native Americans in the early 1900s and produced a 20-volume encyclopedia documenting their complete culture: crafts, songs, spirituality, and language. As the great-grandson of Edward Sherriff Curtis, I, along with my wife Coleen, am continuing his work, “to make them live forever.”  My family and I passionately value the Native American culture and want to carry forward the family legacy. The Descendants and the Curtis family share an amazing history, one of mutual respect, friendship, and storytelling.


We are photographing these Descendants with 19th-century camera equipment, similar to Curtis’ camera. By using a 6.5 x 8.5” camera and dry plate glass negatives, we obtain the “Curtis” look and feel to our portraits. Occasionally though, the large format camera is not feasible to get the image that tells the Descendants’ stories, so current technology is then used.


As in Curtis’ work, we are not just about the photographs. Our images support their stories, bringing visual to their words and voices. Do they live their culture? What traditions do they practice? What are their thoughts and concerns for their tribes and their future? We want to write their stories and share it with others so that we all have a better understanding of what it means to be an Indigenous people in this land, in these times.


We will share their voice by doing exhibits at libraries, museums, galleries and educational institutions sharing the portraits of both the Descendant, that we photograph, and their ancestor, that Curtis photographed, along with a plaque sharing their personal story. Many of the images will have the ability to “come alive” using a downloadable mobile phone app; when held up to the image using its camera, the app will trigger a video to be played with the Descendant sharing what he/she would like to tell about being a Native American in the 21st century. This app will truly give them a platform to have their voice heard.


A coffee table book to include the Descendants and ancestors images with the Descendant’s story will be produced and sold. A select few images will also be available as enlargements with their stories affixed to the back of the print.


Principal photography will begin fall of 2018 and will be completed fall of 2021. Gallery showings and presentations will begin as soon as enough material is gathered.


We have set up our blog to keep everyone informed on what we are doing, where we are headed, and whom we are photographing. Sign up for our newsletter to get periodic updates emailed to you! 




Locate, interview and photograph Descendants of Curtis images, including images never published in The North American Indian. Approximately 50-75 will be used in producing an elegant coffee table book.


Provide a platform for learning more about various tribes’ cultures and history, thus bringing opportunities for understanding diverse ways of life.


Bring to light stories of Native Americans in current times.


Give back a percentage of profits to help support Native American cultural events and projects.



Special Features

Possible features of other Descendants of important supporters in the Curtis work, i.e. Teddy Roosevelt, JP Morgan, Bird Grinnell, Edmond Meany, Hodge, Harriet Leach and John Andrew & Son Photogravures.


Descendants of the Curtis family and special stories from them.



We are seeking participation from the following organizations:

Museums who exhibit Curtis work.

Various tribal councils and museums.

Libraries and Universities that have Curtis collections.



Stay tuned! We are at the beginning stages of this project with so much more to come!