Summer 2019 Decendant Adventures

We need your help on this one. We have read about the incredible Indian Relay Races and would very much like to attend one as well as photograph a racer who is a Descendant! We know there are racers across the country, but I have specifically read about some from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Does anyone have connection there and/or know any racers???? We would appreciate a soft introduction. We would like to go there this summer. 

Cañon de Chelly
Cañon de Chelly – Navaho Edward S Curtis 1904

We have located several Descendants in Cañon de Chelly and Cañon del Meurto, we just need to get scheduled with them and the proper permits attained. We are hoping for late May/early June for there. 

Chief Red Hawk in "An Oasis in the Badlands" by Edward Curtis
Chief Red Hawk in “An Oasis in the Badlands” by Edward Curtis

We have a Lakota Sioux man in the Denver area that we will be working with that is a Descendant of Chief Red Hawk from the famed image “An Oasis in the Badlands”. This happens to be John’s favorite image so needless to say we are pretty amped about this one!

"Charlie Wood - Kobuk" by Edward Curtis
“Charlie Wood – Kobuk” by Edward Curtis

We have plans to attend the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in October. We have several people helping us to locate folks up there who might be interested in participating in our project. We may have to spend some extra days there, fulfilling our landscape photography passions as well. Alaska has always been on my bucket list! 

More places and people will get added as time goes, but at this moment, this is what we have in store for the summer months!


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