Ken Workman — Duwamish

comparing the old with the new
The Clam Digger, 1900 by Edward Curtis on left. Ken Workman, Duwamish, 2019, by John Graybill on right.


Ken Workman, Duwamish, is the 3x great-nephew of Princess Angeline and 4x great-grandson of Chief Seattle (for whom Seattle is named after).


Ken was born on Alki Beach in West Seattle and grew up playing on this beach and in the woods surrounding it. It was important to him to be photographed here with the Seattle skyline across the bay. This is also the beach where his 4x great-grandfather Chief Seattle welcomed the first white settlers on to their land.


Ken shared spell-binding stories with us about his people and their land. No one can share it better than he…

Click Here to watch a short video: Ken tells us a bit about his name and where he’s from.


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