Florence tells the Geronimo Story

March 4, 1905

Teddy Roosevelt had invited many people from all walks of life to attend his inaugural parade and speech to show America and the world how open he was to all people. Teddy had assembled 35,000 marchers including marines, soldiers, Rough Riders and brass bands, as well as coal miners with lamps on their helmets, Harvard boys in caps and gowns and cowboys on horseback twirling lariats. However, the crowd was most stirred by the sight of notorious Indians riding their warhorses down Pennsylvania Avenue! The horseback warriors included Sioux warriors Hollow Horn Bear and American Horse, the Ute leader Buckskin Charley, Comanche Chief Quanah Parker, and leading the way the most notorious warrior of them all, Geronimo!

Stereo picture of horse back warriors, LOC


Florence Graybill
Florence Curtis Graybill photographed at the Curtis studio in Seattle

The day was notedly cool with a light drizzle but that didn’t stop anyone. Listen to Florence tell of her dad, Edward S Curtis and Geronimo.

October 1980 Florence recounts the story of when her dad sees Geronimo.
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  • Billy Utley says:

    The way Mag told me the story, both Curtis and Geronimo had been invited to the Whitehouse before the inauguration. I have the Curtis White House invitation in one of the notebooks. They both arrived in front of the White House about the same time. When they got out of their cars it was raining lightly. Geronimo was in the second car and recognized Curtis. He came over to him and opened his big robe and wrapped it around both of them and they walked into the White House together.
    I thought it was worth noting that by 1905, Geronimo knew who Curtis was, and liked him and considered him a friend. By 1905, Curtis had just begun working with the Indians.

    • John says:

      Thank you for sharing this Bill. I agree, the point of this story whether it was Manford Magnuson telling it or Florence, was how well Curtis was liked and accepted by all walks of life and in turn how he loved all people.

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