Board of Directors

John Graybill great-grandson of Edward S Curtis

John Graybill is the youngest of only three great-grandchildren descending from Edward Curtis. John and his wife Coleen live in Buena Vista, Colorado in their perfect mountain cabin at 9000 feet. John got his photography degree at the Rhode Island School of Photography in 1979.


After a 29 year career managing Midas stores and 7 years as an Apple Genius, John retired from the corporate world. He now enjoys photographing along side his wife, a 30 year veteran as a professional portrait and fine art photographer.


John has been the spearhead of the Curtis descendants to create this new Foundation carrying on the legacy of their great-grandfather, Edward Sherriff Curtis. He feels it’s time for the family to step forward and spread the word of Curtis’ grand opus.



Janet Parcher great-granddaughter of Edward Sherriff Curtis

Janet Parcher, the “middle” great grandchild of Edward S. Curtis, lives in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. She is a graduate of Washington State University, like her father James Graybill and her daughter Kristen. Go Cougs!


Janet spent many years working for the guide service on Mt. Rainier followed by just as many years as a paralegal. Retiring to her family ski cabin she enjoys skiing, hiking, golfing and gardening (where the local elk can’t get to the produce).


Growing up with Curtis photographs hanging on the walls of her family home, listening to stories told by her grandmother Florence of travels with “Father”, and the recent resurgence of Curtis’ work due to the 150th anniversary celebration of his birth, Janet is looking forward to working  with her brother John and sister-in-law Coleen’s work in furthering Curtis’ legacy and their work on the Descendants Project.



Ann Bonin great-granddaughter of Edward Sherriff Curtis

Ann Bonin is the first great-grandchild of Edward Curtis and lives in Massachusetts close to her two grown children and five grandchildren. She is a graduate of University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science degree.


Now retired, Ann has had experience in commercial and residential real estate, operating a small business in the Hospitality industry and being on a Board of Governors for her local country club.


Ann enjoys researching and learning about the life and accomplishments of her great-grandfather and being involved with conservation, protection and the legacy of his work.



Tim Greyhavens board member extraordinaire!

Tim Greyhavens is an independent photo historian, writer, and photographer based in Seattle. His work explores transitions in photography from the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries.


Greyhavens is the creator and Editor of the Curtis Census, an independent effort to advance knowledge about Edward S. Curtis and The North American Indian by conducting and publishing relevant research. The Census also serves as a repository for archived documents and current studies related to the publication of Curtis’s books.


He also writes about the intersections between photography and philanthropy. As part of this interest, in 2016 he developed the Photo Funds Database, a free, searchable online list of more than 2,800 grants, awards, and crowdfunding campaigns for photography.


Shawn Pohlman

Shawn Pohlman is a registered nurse who has worn many hats over her 40 year career: neonatal intensive care clinical nurse specialist, professor, qualitative researcher, and published author. As a doctoral student, Shawn studied interpretive phenomenology, a qualitative research method aimed at understanding the meaningful worlds of human beings through in-depth interviewing. To fund her dissertation on fathers of premature infants, she was awarded two grants, including one to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For Shawn, writing is a creative expression of self, deepening her understanding of our shared world through reflection and thoughtful prose. She is an intuitive, empathetic person who filters the light of life through that lens.


Shawn has a passion for art, which first began as a young girl drawing pictures of birds portrayed on a coveted collection of greeting cards. As a young woman, she vividly recalls her first exposure to the work of Edward S. Curtis as she stood gazing at his photographs hanging on the walls of the Graybill family home. She was immediately drawn to those Native American portraits then, and now. Today, Shawn’s artistic passions include a love of gardens, birdwatching, art museums, and all that nature has to offer, great and small.