About Edward Sherriff Curtis

Edward S Curtis
Edward Sherriff Curtis looking dapper.


Timeline of Curtis' life
Florence’s timeline of her father’s activities.

This timeline is thought to be written by one of Edward’s daughters, either Florence or Billy. They both had books in the works and had a great interest in promoting their father’s work. 


Florence Curtis Graybill wrote two books with Victor Boesen (Edward Sheriff Curtis, Visions of a Vanishing Race and Edward S. Curtis, Photographer of the North American Indian) and was said to be working on a third. Florence consistently spelled Sherriff incorrectly while writing these books, but realized after-the-fact, that her family genealogy proved it to be with two “r”s and two “f’”s. 


Billy (Katherine) Ingram also was working on a condensed version of the NAI publication, but it never came to fruition. We aren’t clear on who the author of this timeline is but we like it compared to others found on the internet because it shows more of where he was that year and shows that he was doing.


Edward Sherriff Curtis’ Correct Date of Birth

Many timelines show Edward’s date of birth as February 16, 1868 when actually he was born February 19, 1868. The February 16 date was a typo from a popular book about Edward Curtis prior to the internet. Once this information hit the internet, there was no going back. The foundation has several documents from the family which clearly show Edward Sherriff Curtis’ date of birth as February 19, 1868. Of these documents we have posted one here for reference which is a page from the Curtis family bible showing dates of birth of the children of Johnson & Ellen Curtis.

Curtis Bible
Curtis children birthdates from the family bible.